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The California Legislature is 70% men—and our area has not been represented by a woman in the Assembly in over 20 years. As the recent repeal of Roe v. Wade shows, the lack of representation by women has real consequences.  Sara Aminzadeh is endorsed by Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice California for her tireless advocacy for women and constitutional protections for the right to an abortion. Please join Sara in organizing for and passing Proposition 1 this November to codify these protections for every individual—and to continue the fight to ensure that LGBTQ civil rights are protected. 


Sara Aminzadeh is an award-winning water, climate change and environmental justice leader, lawyer, advocate, and published author. Over the past two decades, Sara has developed and passed dozens of bills, policies and programs that address our clean water and climate change crisis, focusing on action to protect communities from drought, extreme weather, devastating wildfires, and rising sea levels.

Statewide, Sara led efforts to develop a campaign and legislation to protect California’s environmental laws from Trump rollbacks. As a California Coastal Commissioner, she has been an outspoken champion of environmental justice and access for communities of color and conservation of our coast, land, water, and wildlife. California Environmental Voters and Clean Water Action endorse Sara because she is not only a visionary on these issues but is securing the results we need nationally and statewide to fight climate change and protect our natural areas.

Sara is part of a new group of ‘climate candidates,’ for whom climate action is a top priority and area of expertise. Sara’s three-part climate action plan focuses on advancing environmental justice through 1) power building and governance reform in Sacramento, 2) accelerating decarbonization by 2030, and 3) adaptation and preparedness. Email to request a copy of the Climate Action Plan.


Devastating wildfires have destroyed farmlands and suburban communities within our District. As our Assemblymember, Sara will fight for fully funding year-round investment in wildfire prevention, sustainable vegetation management and home hardening to protect California’s homes, businesses, and environment.  


Sara’s drought mitigation strategy has been developed with a coalition of water leaders, environmental advocates, and farmers across the District and includes 1) significantly expanding our water capture capacity, 2) scaling the use of recycled and reclaimed water for use in irrigation, farming and landscaping, 3) deepening conservation and efficiency water savings programs, and 4) using modern technologies to track water needs and address water waste and leaks.


Sara believes that our communities have long faced a critical lack of support for mental health needs which has only become more urgent in these evolving health and economic times.

Sara is solely endorsed by the California Nurses Association for her vision and leadership in addressing the mental health and healthcare needs of the most vulnerable in our communities, including securing additional funding to expand the availability of mental health services for adults and young people, expanding access to culturally-competent services, constitutionally protected right to abortion and access to contraception, mammograms, counseling and women’s health screenings. She supports universal health care in California through a cost-effective single-payer system.


California is facing unprecedented homeless and housing crises. Growing numbers of older adults, veterans, and families with children are at risk, and there are few housing options our local workforce can afford. Sara believes that home ownership should be possible for every family with that dream, with reforms and investments that set cities and counties up for success.


As our Assemblymember, Sara will lead efforts to expand the affordable housing stock to make it possible for our families, teachers, firefighters, and essential workers to live in the communities we love, and preserve our clean air by reducing traffic gridlock on Highways 101 and 37.  Connecting homeless people and families to compassionate, effective services focused on addiction, mental health, and transitional housing to provide support and entry into permanent housing are top priorities for Sara as human and social equity issues.

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